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Krystal Harrell

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  • ---- Award-winning Entrepreneur | Expat Living in Mexico | Wellness Startup Founder | Raw Juice Junkie ----

    Hi, I'm Krystal. This year, I'm celebrating my 22nd year as an entrepreneur and my 15th year as a full-time business owner. For 10 years, I led an award-winning social media marketing company servicing global brands, national non-profit organizations and government entities.

    More than three years ago, I packed my bags for a 30-day vacation to Mexico and never returned to the U.S to permanently live. Within the 3rd week of my travels, I signed a leased for an apartment and decided that I would live my best dream on the beach.

    Today, I am the CEO and Founder of a new menstrual care and wellness brand and for the next 6 months, my goal is to be super intentional with making business friends online and sharing the tools that helped me change the quality of my life.

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