For 10+ years, Krystal Harrell has been trusted by some of the world's most recognizable companies helping them communicate their message and market their brand to Millennial and Gen-Z consumers.

Trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and women in business.


Seasoned Entrepreneur • Business Strategist • Early-Stage Investor

Krystal Harrell started her first business at the age of 13 in Columbia, SC with a $20 loan from her mother. She purchased 5 pair of pajamas for $4 each and sold them door-to-door for 10 bucks. At 16, she expanded the products to customized apparel and accessories before selling a proprietary part of her business a few days shy of her 21st birthday. She later used those funds to open a millennial-focused marketing agency in Charlotte, North Carolina.

At 23, Krystal was named by FORTUNE Magazine as “The Next-Generation Female Entrepreneur”. One of FORBES top career sites for women wrote, “she has the industrious attitude most employers daydream about...", ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE called her a “heavy hitter” in their list of “young and disruptive female entrepreneurs."

Armed with more than 18 years of business experience and a portfolio amassing over $1.8 million in sales and negotiated contracts, Krystal, 31, is an American-entrepreneur, trusted advisor and online strategy consultant for global brands, national non-profit organizations and government entities. Through her company, she has spent the past 10 years advising on the subject of millennial consumers, mobile marketing and social media.

Today, Krystal runs Miss Business Ventures, a conglomerate company that has a 2020 projected net worth of $1.2 million; its subsidiaries includes Miss Business, a socially conscious enterprise and network of independent business owners; Entrepreneur Business School, an e-learning company; LiteHER, a feminine care and wellness brand; and Goal One Million, an early-stage fund investing in female-led and minority-owned businesses.

Prior to attending Columbia College and The Art Institute of Charlotte, Krystal trained with the U.S. Army as an American solider working in the Public Affairs division. She currently resides in Charlotte, NC.


Entrepreneur Business School™

An e-learning company for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Miss Business™

A socially conscious enterprise and network of independent business owners.


A feminine care and wellness brand.

Goal One Million™

An early-stage fund investing in female-led and minority-owned businesses.

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